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30 MINS - £26.00 / 60 MINS - £36.00

(60 mins incl. Reflexology)

Auricular acupuncture is a complete acupuncture system whereby specific points on the ear are stimulated to treat or relieve symptoms of many modern diseases, disorders and emotional blockages.

The first acupuncture practitioners were highly skilled at making accurate diagnosis through detailed observation of their patients. They learned that the ear can be mapped with energy channels observing that the flow of energy (chi) along these channels could become blocked or overactive which could eventually result in disease. By stimulating these points, the free flow of energy could be restored, allowing the body to re-establish its natural balance.


Acupuncture can be used for many conditions including:

* Stress relief

* Poor sleep patterns

* Detoxing

* Pain management

* Improving the immune system

* Reducing inflammation

* Infertility

* Stimulating the internal organs

* Menopause

* Back pain

* Supporting the body through IVF

Auricular acupuncture needles are very fine, less than the width of a hair, and most people find the treatment both relaxing and calming.  All needles used are sterile and packed individually, they are for single use only and disposed of safely afterwards.


60 MINS - £36.00

Reflexology is a therapeutic healing technique practiced on the feet.  It works to release blockages and re-balance the body's natural energy flow, improving blood supply resulting in flushing away any unwanted toxins.  This deeply relaxing treatment, using the finest organic oils, helps relieve mental and physical fatigue and constrictions enabling the body the organs to work to their optimum promoting balance to the whole body.


The benefits are many and include:


* Improvement of the body's immune system

* Pain relief

* Reduces stress and anxiety and  promotes better sleep

* Stimulates and encourages circulation

* Boosts the lymphatic system which removes toxins from the body

* Soothes and stimulates the nervous system

* Rejuvenates tired legs and feet plus, much more...


​​75 MINS - £41.00


Kick start the detoxification process by helping to rid the body of toxins and impurities resulting in improved skin and a healthier you.  A stimulating and exfoliating back massages starts the treatment, using a sea salt body scrub, then specific reflexology points on the feet are gently manipulated whilst fine needles are inserted onto the outer ear, this is optional.


 ​45 MINS - £31.00 / 60 MINS - £36.00

(60 Mins incl. Gua- Sha & Meridian Face Massage )

Indian Head Massage is a deeply relaxing and re-balancing therapy which commences with an Ayurvedic back massage, before the oils are gently rubbed and massaged into the hair.  The therapist uses a variety of massage techniques to nourish the hair follicles and scalp helping to reduce headaches and improving hair condition and boosting circulation.  


30MINS - £26.00 \ 45 MINS - £31.00 / 60 MINS - £36.00

A soothing side lying massage using a choice of deep tissue or Swedish massage techniques to relax tired and achy muscles using oils which are safe to use throughout pregnancy. A well-deserved treat.


Prenatal Massage is safe during all trimesters but cannot be carried out if you have experienced any medical complications, if in doubt it is your responsibility to seek medical advice.  All prenatal massage therapies, regardless of 'bump size', are carried out from a side lying position fully supported with the use of a pregnancy pillow and bolsters which are made available for your comfort and support.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (with dry cupping and warm massage stones)

30MINS - £26.00 \ 45 MINS - £31.00 / 60 MINS - £36.00

Structural Integration Massage Therapy works with both superficial and deep tissue such as our connective tissue, called fascia, and our muscle fibres.


Using slow stretching techniques in combination with massage, dry cupping and heat helps to break down build-ups of fascia adhesions, which occur when muscles are injured and mobility is restricted, and loosens tight muscles resulting in reduced pain, better posture and more movement. 


Although very rare, occasionally after a treatment there may be some very light redness which is caused by red blood cells rushing to the surface which will subside within 7 days.  Please note this is different from bruising, which is caused by profound injury and traumatic bleeding.  This treatment is unsuitable for those who have blood conditions including haemophilia and blood clots, those with a pacemaker or undergoing chemotherapy.


75 MINS - £41.00 / 90 MINS - £46.00 / 30 MINS - £26.00 (EXPRESS)


A completely unique and targeted facial, using only the finest natural skin ranges from Tropic Skincare.

This treatment works to improve the look and condition of the superficial layers through cleansing, exfoliating, re-hydrating the face, neck, and décolletage and moving the superficial fascia and the lymph.  Eastern face and scalp massage techniques work to move toxins, stimulate acupressure points and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving circulation to give a clearer complexion.



90 mins £48.50 / 45 mins £32.50 (single area, includes skin prep.)

​What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a popular alternative to many invasive skin treatments,  it is far less costly than and is completely natural. There is no lengthy recovery time and there are no side effects or risks which are associated with some alternatives. Cosmetic Acupuncture is holistic and natural and favoured by many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow.

How does it work?

As we mature, the quality of Qi and blood in the skin and underlying facial muscles slowly begins to decrease, we produce less collagen and fine lines and wrinkles appear. As facial muscles gradually lose their skin tone our skin sags and looks tired which are all natural signs of ageing.


Cosmetic Acupuncture involves the use of specialised Acupuncture techniques which target areas of the face nourishing facial muscles, the skin surface, wrinkles and sagging skin. Cosmetic Acupuncture hydrates and tones but also boosts the skin’s supply of nutrients and oxygen, this decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. The overall result gives you a fresh, more youthful appearance.


Tiny needles of just 0.16mm are inserted causing a micro-trauma to the skin, as the body repairs this trauma new collagen, made from protein and what gives our skin fullness and elasticity, is produced filling out the wrinkles to give a younger, softer appearance.


Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture are:


  •     a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

  •     an increase in the plumpness of the skin

  •     a more lifted face and neck

  •     jowls and double chin look less baggy

  •     a stimulation of collagen in the skin improves the bounce and suppleness of the skin

  •     improved skin texture

  •     a tightening of pores

  •     improvement of acne and hormonal spots

  •     a more even skin colour

Are there any side effects?

There are no negative side effects, some people bruise slightly which will disappear in a couple of days.


How often should I have the treatment?

Although a course of six treatments are recommended, often results can been seen between the first and second session. A top up is advised every three months with maintenance treatments prolonging the result for between five to ten years.


What to expect:

Please allow up to 90 minutes per treatment. During the initial consultation a full medical history and skin analysis is taken where we will discuss what your concerns are about your face and what you are hoping to achieve from Cosmetic Acupuncture.  The treatment is carried out fully clothed on my very comfortable and heated treatment bed where you can get cosy under a fleecy blanket. 

A gentle cleanse and tone using the Tropics range is carried out before fine needles are placed in specific areas for between 20 to 30 minutes, allowing plenty of time to unwind and relax. . Further needles are inserted into the ear to restore balance and detoxify the system. 


Once the needles have been removed you will enjoy an anti ageing Gua Sha face massage using a nourishing aromatherapy facial oil to the face and neck area to improve lymphatic drainage and further plump and firm the skin.

What Cosmetic Acupuncture Isn't:

Cosmetic acupuncture is not a replacement for Botox or Fillers.  Acupuncture is not able to plump sagging facial muscles dramatically as the treatment does not insert product into the skin to fill out these areas, nor can it paralyse facial muscles in order freeze our natural lines.  What acupuncture can do is gently improve and soften the signs of ageing, improve the complexion and treat other health issues which maybe affecting your outward appearance.   Acupuncture is 100% natural and safe with no adverse side effects.

Treatment length:

Please allow between 75 and 90 minutes for a full single treatment, a single treatment is £48.50.

It is advised to book one treatment a week for six weeks and then a maintenance treatment at around three months. As not all clients’ have the budget for weekly sessions please be assured that fortnightly and monthly sessions will still show an improvement in the look of your skin.


***Important information***

Each person will respond differently depending upon their lifestyle, stress and general health. A good diet, fluid intake, smoking, amount of exercise can all affect the outcome of treatment.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is not advised during pregnancy, for pituitary disorders, heart disorders, diabetes mellitus and hypertension and for individuals with a pacemaker, low platelet count or those taking blood thinners.


• Botox injections – allow 2 weeks after treatment

• Laser and chemical treatments – allow 3 weeks

• Microdermabrasion – allow 1 week  



60 MINS - £36.00 / 30 MINS £26.00

There are many primary energy systems in the human body which control our physical and emotional responses and our connection to our higher-selves. The stresses of modern day living and unresolved traumas from past events can manifest in stagnant, blocked or over overactive energy which can lead to problems such as ill health, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts. 

Energy balancing works with the body's subtle energy to remove unwanted blockages and to calm overactive flow.  By working with the Chakra/ Meridian and Breath of Life energy systems our body can be brought back into balance by allowing our own subconscious mind and sixth sense to create homeostasis. 

The Chakra system is an ancient Sanskrit energy system consisting of seven main chakras points starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep us vibrant and healthy, each chakra is linked to an organ, psychological and emotional state of being which can be affected when these energetic points are blocked or if energy is flowing too fast.  The main chakra points are the root/base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.




The Tarot is an amazing tool which can be used to help and offer guidance around decisions which may include relationships, finances, careers, health or anything which may be a challenge or important to you.  The tarot is also a useful tool in finding out what your spiritual lessons are in this lifetime and how you can master them so that you can have your best and most joyous life. 




The Chakra system is an ancient Sanskrit energy system consisting of seven main Chakra points starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep us vibrant and healthy, each Chakra is linked to an organ, psychological and emotional state of being which can be affected when these energetic points are blocked or if energy is flowing too fast.  The main Chakra points are the root/base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.


What to expect from your reading

Prior to your reading it's helpful if you set aside some quiet time to think of your questions, or if it’s a general reading think about that instead.  When you have thought about this, I ask that you visualise sending your intention to the universe along with a number between 1 and 50, this is your closing card.



When your intention has been set and sent please confirm your question and card number with me, via email to, I can them raise my vibration to connect with you, this allows an accurate reading.  I use the horseshoe spread, this is a 7 card spread and looks at the past, the present, the near future of up to 4 weeks, where you sit in the situation or decision, what’s going on around you right now, your hopes and fears and the long-term future of between 3 to 12 months.  Following the reading I will check your 7 Chakras with my crystal pendulum and let you know if any are out of balance and how you can work on them yourself to restore the free flow of energy.


Your reading will be emailed over to you with images of the cards pulled and your chakras.





I created this channel to give you a place to go when you need to re-ground, heal and go within.  With the daily stresses of everyday life it's easy to let things build and grind you down.  Here you will find a library of free, guided meditations which you can explore to quieten the mind, relax and retreat.



Tracks are uploaded regularly and I will provide you with as many effective tools as possible for you to feel a sense of deep calmness.  If you want any meditations in particular please let me know, all recordings are written and recorded by me.  To keep the channel running likes, comments and shares are very much appreciated and don't forget to hit the subscribe button.

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