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My name is Claire Parry and I am a Natural Health Practitioner and Registered Nutritionist working from my private practice in Colne, Pendle, Lancashire. 


I opened The Natural Therapy Centre in 2014 to bring all elements of natural health together.  As I am trained in many different modalities, therapies can either booked individually or blended together depending on your health concern or how you feel that day.  As individuals, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs frequently change, and so working with you holistically always brings about the best experience and results for you.   


A minimum of 60 minutes is recommended for the initial appointment so I can gain a good understanding of your current health situation.

I am delighted to have been invited to be the Ambassador for North West England for my accredited body Think Tree Hub.  The role allows me to support other therapist in the industry and be a part of a professional team.  I will also be guest writing articles and CPD approved  training courses. 


As a nutritionist and therapist I also collaborate with the Health & Innovation Campus at Lancaster University on matters of health, food and obesity.  


Nutritional Therapist


Nutrition  and Lifestyle is very much the foundation for good health. 


Many conditions such as acid reflux, IBS, migraines, weight gain and loss, underactive thyroid, IBD, CFS, some cancers, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions can often be attributed to external factors such as processed foods, prescription drugs, stress, hormonal imbalances, an acidic environment, smoking and poor gut flora.


I work with you to address nutritional imbalances, identify potential trigger foods and lifestyle factors, which you maybe reacting to, and work with you to build your immunity, increase good flora and reduce inflammation allowing your digestive system to repair and health.

Food sensitivity and intolerance testing is offered within my 'mini on-site lab', results are available within 24 hours.

Nourish to Flourish is a sensible weight loss plan offering support, guidance and education around food and lifestyle choices in a non-judgmental way.  I am a fully registered practitioner with the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP 104823249).

To read my latest press release article in Colne Life Magazine click the below:


An Organic Approach

​Organic products don’t have ingredients that are genetically modified, they are free of petrochemicals and are not tested on animals. Organic products are subjected to minimal processing so that the raw materials do not lose their natural properties after extraction and processing.  As our skin is our largest organ everything we put on it is absorbed into our body, so you can be confident that The Natural Therapy Centre only use the best products and all massage oils are Certified by The Soil Association.  





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