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Hello, my name is Claire Parry and I am a Natural Health Practitioner specialising in Holistic & Complementary Therapies and a Nutrition


My method of working with clients is from a holistic and functional medicine perspective in that I apply natural health therapies which may include: Acupuncture, Reflexology, Cupping, Energy Balancing Therapy or Massage Therapy with Nutrition, Food Intolerance Testing and Herbal Medicine/Supplements to bring about an improvement in ones health.   At a time when modern technology, environmental pollution, poor diet, and stress play a significant role in the degeneration of health, I work with you to apply natural methods of healing to bring about positive change which can sometimes be the last resort in the search for improved health and well-being. 


When making an appointment you can either book a stand alone treatment such as reflexology, acupuncture or an Indian head massage or if you are unsure which treatment would be the most appropriate for your health concern, or needs, I would recommend a longer appointment so we have time to assess your symptoms, when they started and the root cause.  A 'Functional Medicine' approach to your health often gives a valuable insight into what has been going on for you as issues such as poor sleep, digestive problems, skin complaints, anxiety etc. can all have triggers which you may not be aware of. Please allow 75 to 90 minutes for this type of appointment so that I can gain a good understating of your health and lifestyle habits before making any recommendations. 



About Me

I opened The Natural Therapy Centre in May 2014 following a period of ill health in which I developed an auto-immune condition through being over prescribed antibiotics, as my GP could offer no diagnosis or remedy for my condition this  lead to me embarking on a personal health journey completely healing my body through nutrition and reflexology within nine months.  This experience was so life changing that I retrained as a natural health practitioner in holistic and complementary health therapies, and more recently as a certified Nutritionist.  I am now completely devoted to natural health remedies and working with others to bring about positive health changes.


As our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are ever changing, in my experience as a therapist and human being, working holistically always brings about the best experience and results.  A minimum of 60 minutes is recommended for the initial appointment so I can get to know you and gain a good understanding of your current health situation although a 75 or 90 minute appointment maybe recommend for more complex cases.

In addition to my therapy and nutrition work, I am a CPD training course creator and author, and collaborate with the Health & Innovation Campus at Lancaster University on matters of health, nutrition, access to good food for all and obesity.  I am currently studying advanced nutritional therapy at Birmingham university as part of my ongoing continual professional development .


The Remedy Emporium is my online store selling medicinal herbal teas and natural health supplements which can support your physical and emotional well-being.  Although the the teas are safe for all to use please note that the heart chakra tea cannot be taken by those on blood thinners.  There are a range of seven chakra teas, women and men's health teas, a sleep tea and a delicious tea for low mood plus my range of Cytoplan health supplements.   * When ordering Cytoplan supplements you must check with me prior to ordering so I can assess their suitability, a 30% discount code can be used when ordering.


An Organic Approach

​Organic products don’t have ingredients that are genetically modified, they are free of petrochemicals, retain their natural structures and good bacteria from the soil and are not tested on animals.


Organic products are subjected to minimal processing so that the raw materials do not lose their natural properties after extraction and processing.  As our skin is our largest organ everything we put on it is absorbed into our body, so you can be confident that The Natural Therapy Centre only use the best products and all massage oils are Certified by The Soil Association.  

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