Herbal Tea Remedies - Coming Soon

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Herbal Tea Remedies

At The Natural Therapy Centre I stock a range of delicious herbal remedies which are available to purchase online or to collect from the clinic for all your nutrition needs.  Each tea can be drunk twice a day, just one teaspoon of loose leaves in a diffuser left for a couple of minuets will bring out the full infusion and aromas.  If you prefer to sweeten just add a drop of honey.

All herbal remedies are safe for all and do not interfere with prescribed medication and may be suitable for those with food intolerances.

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Cytoplan are wholly owned charitable foundation and as such  are not constrained by the typical commercial pressures for profit.  All supplements comprise of Food State™ wholefood vitamins and minerals so that, unlike many brands of supplements, are in their natural state so they can be digestive as nature intended, they contain the appropriate (and safe) levels of nutrients in a bio-effective form.

To place your order and to take advantage of your 30% discount use code CYT125110-35-10.

Before ordering please check with me so I can assess if they are suitable as some conditions and medications contraindicate supplements.

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