Blood Samples

The Health Check

(Free when part of a Nutrition appt)

30 - 45 mins £25.00


A health assessment is a set of checks that give you an overview of your current health and include Blood Pressure, Pulse, Cholesterol and Blood Glucose Levels.


You might choose to have a health assessment because of a specific health concern, or you’d like support to improve your health. The great thing about a health assessment is that it gives you a valuable insight to where any improvements could be made to prevent health problems and to promote health longevity.  There is also the

opportunity to discuss any health concerns you may have to see how Nutritional Therapy could help you.  

As a Registered Nutritionist I am able to guide you and work with you as part of a health and well-being plan, and support you along the way. 

There are many other health checks available including:

* Food Sensitivity IgG Blood Testing

* Thyroid Check

* DNA health check

Contact Tel: 07368 270472

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