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Supercharge Your Immunity - The Anti-inflammatory Way


One Day Online Certificate Course

£45.00 (Limited Offer 50% off)


The immune system is a complex and wonderful part of our body which works hard to keep us healthy and strong.  Many external factors place considerable pressure on this system which can result in chronic inflammation and some auto-immune conditions. 



In this course the student will look in detail at the role the immune system plays in immunity, and how the way we live our lives can reward us with good health.

This is an online theory course consisting of nine lectures, with a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each one.  An 80% pass mark is required before the student can move to the following lecture, all the answers can be found within each of the individual lectures. Handouts are provided to keep as a reference guide.

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Ergonomics & Safe Working Practice (1).p

Ergonomics & Safe Working Practice E-Book



'Ergonomics & Safe Working Practice' is a comprehensive, practical and illustrated guide book written for Massage Therapists, Beauticians and Hairdresser to address the growing problem of work related injuries and injury prevention.


In this ten chapter reference guidebook you will:


  • gain an understanding of how injury occurs

  • look in detail at Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI in the three industries

  • understand the anatomy and infectious disease

  • look at health and safety and the law

  • consider ventilation, workspace setup and the working environment

  • read the recommendations for best working practice through ergonomics and the Four Step Plan

  • look at mental and emotional health and well-being.  


This guide is not only a must for manual therapists, but for salon managers, owners and trainers.

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Simple Taror for Beginners (3).png

Simple Tarot for Beginners E-Book


This eighty two page book has been written to show you how easy reading the tarot really is. When you reach the end of this illustrated guide book you will be able to pull cards for yourself and others, and be a competent and confident tarot reader.


Learning the Tarot can seem complicated and overwhelming as there is a huge range of learning resources available offering a vast insight into this tool of divination.


Many years ago I tried to learn to read the cards but found it complicated and very deep, I put my deck away and thought 'that was that'.  After some years I started to play around with the deck again and learnt to read through various books and courses.  I wrote ‘Simple Tarot for Beginners’ to remove the complicated stuff and show the simplicity of the tarot so that you can offer comprehensive readings.