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Complementary Therapies


​60 mins - £38.00

30 mins - £28.00


​​ Auricular acupuncture is a complete system whereby specific points on the ear are stimulated to treat or relieve symptoms of many modern diseases, disorders and emotional blockages.  Acupuncture can also help with fertility, Stress & Anxiety and Sleep Problems.


60 mins - £36.00

incl. acupuncture - £38.00

 A therapeutic healing technique practiced on the feet which works to release blockages and re-balance the body's natural energy flow.  This deeply relaxing treatment starts with a warm foot soak and completes with a warm bamboo foot massage.

Massage Therapy

Indian Head Massage


45 mins - £33.00

60 mins £38.00 (incl. face)

 A deeply relaxing Ayurveda back, neck, head and face massage using the finest organic essential oils to de-stress the body, mind and spirit. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage


60 mins - £38.00

 The lymphatic systems moves with movement, when when we are unwell and not so active it can become sluggish leading to swelling and feeling overloaded.  This massage is also of benefit as part of a detox plan to help the system deal with a higher toxic load.  Manual lymphatic drainage is also an extraordinarily gentle therapy because your lymph vessels lie very near to the surface of your skin.  This massage is recommended to support you through dietary changes and post surgery or illness.

Pre-natal  Pregnancy Massage

45 mins - £33.00

30 mins / £28.00 ​


 A soothing side lying massage to relax tired and achy muscles using oils which are completely safe throughout pregnancy. A well-deserved treat.  ​​Although safe during all trimesters I cannot treat you if you have experienced any medical complications throughout pregnancy.


Yin Yang Dry Cupping & Gua Sha Deep Tissue Massage

45 mins - £33.00

60 mins - £38.00

 Cupping and Gua Sha have their focus on releasing both the muscles and fascia.  Using cups of various sizes and gua sha tools, circulation is encourage to reduce inflammation, break down scar tissue, free adhesions and remove toxins.   This is a gentle and relaxing deep tissue massage as the cups glide over the muscles using organic essential oils to ensure a therapeutic experience.  Following a treatment some light redness can occur, this is perfectly normal and will subside within a few days.


A 60 minute treatment concludes with cranial-sacral therapy, as cupping is Yang, and CST is Yin this therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and restored.  Please note this is not a deep pressure sports massage but works the tissue deeply through restorative techniques.

The Ultimate Detox


75 mins - £43.00

 This treatment kick starts the detoxification process by helping to rid the body of toxins and impurities resulting in improved skin condition and a healthier you. Includes an exfoliating back massage or lymphatic drainage back massage,  reflexology and acupuncture.

A great treatment before a holiday or as part of a detoxification programme.

Skin Therapies

Cosmetic Acupuncture

90 mins £48.5

45 mins/30 mins £32.50 (single area)


 Cosmetic Acupuncture is a popular alternative to many invasive skin treatments.  This therapy works to soften fine lines and allow for the body to fill out the area with its own collagen by inserting tiny needles of just 0.16mm which cause a micro-trauma to the skin, as the body repairs this trauma new collagen, made from the protein which gives our skin fullness and elasticity, is produced filling out the wrinkles to give a younger, softer appearance.  During the treatment I also needle additional points such as the immune system and calm the central nervous system as beauty starts within.

The Nourish Facial



​75 mins - £41.00

A unique 'Tropic Skincare' facial to improve the look and condition of the superficial layers through cleansing, exfoliating, re-hydrating the face, neck, and décolletage and moving the superficial fascia and the lymph.  Eastern face and scalp massage techniques work to move toxins, stimulate acupressure points and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The Sensory Room


60 mins - £36.00

30mins - £31.00

 Enjoy the exclusive use of my beautiful sensory room and enjoy some precious 'you time'. 

With the every growing need for time out from the stresses of everyday life I wanted a place that clients could use which would offer a unique experience in which to relax.  Consisting of sound and light therapy with the sweet scents of organic essential oils, the sensory room is a place to meditate under the Nubian pyramid of which the  angles set for the throat Chakra relating to communication and clarity.  A beautiful place to work on the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic body.  The room can also be used as part of a therapy such as reflexology.

Energy Balancing Therapy

60 mins - £36.00

Energy Balancing Therapy is a deeply therapeutic healing modality using two energy systems, the Chakras and the Fluidic Tides, referred to as 'The Breath of Life'.


Chakras are the life-giving wheels located throughout our body where our life-force energy is stored, also known as “Chi” or “Parana”. These energetic centres are very sophisticated and hold the key to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  They are responsible for the flow of energy throughout your entire organism, if energy in these areas are blocked due to external factors our energy in unable to flow freely causing us to feel out of sorts.

Although many people are aware of the seven major Chakras such as the Base or Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye or Brow and the Crown there are many many more.  As we raise our consciousness and vibrations we become more aware of our true self and what we need to heal.   During the therapy you may experience a sense of deep peace, energetic sensations and feelings of letting go as you heal yourself on a deep level.  This is not a channeling therapy but a place where I will be holding a safe space for you take what you need as nobody knows better than your own higher self as to where emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually healing needs to occur.

Throughout this beautiful experience you will be taken on a journey of deep and profound healing with the use of crystals, sound, light therapy, meditation and the light touch therapy 'Bio-dynamic Cranial-Sacral Therapy whereby I work with can feel where there are , hold you in a safe space to allow your higher self to work on a subconscious level to change what needs changing as no-one knows more than your own soul where healing should occur.   So float away into a deep place of healing and completely switch off for an hour or so.

Please note that during a treatment I can receive insights in the form of 'knowings', I will always check with you to see if you would like to receive any information.  This is not something I actively seek, but when you are in a place of deep healing and a relaxed state of being, information can sometimes come through.  I do not channel but am sensitive to others energy.

Longer appointments can be arranged by request are are priced at:

75 mins  - £43.00

90 mins  - £48.00

105 mins - £53.00

120 mins - £58.00