60 mins - £36.00

Chakra Energy Balancing with Light Therapy is a deeply therapeutic healing modality which rebalances our subtle energy field.  I became aware of this energy system some years ago and have always felt drawn to work with these powerful wheels of spinning energy on a deeper level.  Following a trip to Glastonbury in 2019 I met a lady who read my runes, she encouraged me to work more with this system and work on an intuitive level, following this profound experience I now work deeply with system through my own modality, this was originally called 'Energy Balancing Therapy' but has now evolved to include additional Chakras and light.  

Chakras are the life-giving wheels located throughout our body where our life-force energy is stored, also known as “Chi” or “Prana”. These energetic centres are very sophisticated and hold the key to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  They are responsible for the flow of energy throughout your entire organism, if energy in these areas are blocked due to external factors our energy in unable to flow freely causing us to feel out of sorts. 

Although many people are aware of the seven major Chakras such as the Base or Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye or Brow and the Crown there are many many more.  As we raise our consciousness and vibrations become more aware spiritually, we open up to five additional Chakras called the The Earth Star, The Hara,The Casual Chakra, The Soul and The Stellar Gateway.  As my work with the Chakras has deepened, I will be working with these emerging Chakras and including light therapy as each point responds to a different colour.  


During the therapy you may experience a sense of deep peace, energetic sensations and feelings of letting go as you heal yourself on a deep level.  This is not a channelling therapy but a place where I will be holding a safe space for you take what you need as nobody knows better than your own higher self as to where emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually healing needs to occur.

Throughout this beautiful experience you will be taken on a journey of deep and profound healing with the use of crystals, sound, light therapy, meditation and the light touch therapy 'Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral Therapy, hold you in a safe space to allow your higher self to work on a subconscious level to change what needs changing as no-one knows more than your own soul where healing should occur. 

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Tibetan singing bowl with floating insid


30 mins - £15.00

Tarot readings can be surprisingly accurate and can offer valuable insights into Career, Relationships, Finances and life in general.  

The 9 card horseshoe spread reading can provide clarity and you may gain a new perspective on life.  During a general reading we look back over the last 18 months at what has come up for you, the environment you are in, your hopes and fears, you as a person and look towards the next 9 months.  Through a tarot reading the information you receive will help you unlock much knowledge that you may have forgotten or taken in subconsciously.  The cards used are 'Chris-Anne's Light Seer' deck.


To complete your reading I will include your soul reading, this shows what you soul wants you to know for this life and, what action your soul want's you to take using Rebecca Campbell's newly released 'The Star Seed Oracle' deck.

Contact Tel: 07368 270472

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