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Women's Hormonal Health

For most women and girls there are two major transactions in our life, puberty and menopause.


Puberty is the stage in life when a child's body develops into an adult's, the changes take place gradually, usually between the ages of 10 and 16. There are many changes which occur which include:

❖ Changes in your voice

❖ Pubic hair grows

❖ Hair grows on face and body

❖ Underarm hair grows

❖ Hips get wider

❖ Body shape changes

❖ Sexual organs grow and develop

❖ Breasts develop

❖ Ovaries start to release egg cells so that menstruation starts.

Menopause occurs after the age of 45, with the average age being 51.   Leading up to menopause is the peri-menopause, where levels of progesterone, DHEA and testosterone naturally reduce with estrogen decreasing a few years later.  During this time of a women's life the fluctuation of these hormones can cause many unpleasant symptoms including:

❖ Night Sweats

❖ Irregular Periods

❖ Facial Hair

❖ Palpitations

❖ Changes in Mood

❖ Urinary Tract Infections


There are around 35 different symptoms which can be attributed to the years leading up to the Menopause.  Post Menopause is referred to the years following menopause.

Western medication is usually in the form of hormone therapy such as birth control or HRT.  As a Natural Heath Practitioner I work with women to balance their hormones through nutrition, lifestyle changes and natural remedies such as herbs and/or homeopathy which works with the body.  It is always my advice to seek natural methods first with birth control and HRT being considered in certain circumstances.

Women's Health Assessment

​90 mins - £65.00

During the first appointment we will review the previously completed health questionnaire, sent prior to your consultation, and discuss in some detail what has been going on for you.  I also like to run an optional health check (worth £25.00)  to assess your blood glucose levels, cholesterol, blood pressure and pulse rate as this gives me vital information regarding your current health .  

Please allow 90 minutes as there is 'a lot' to go through and I like to give you the time and space you deserve to detail your symptoms and to discuss how you are affected day to day.  At the end of the session you will leave with a printed guide, a personalised menopause plan, and a greater understanding of where you are on your journey. 


A follow up  is recommended 6 weeks later to review your progress.  If at this appointment you feel you need a little more we can look at possibly introducing my 4 step plan which includes the below, we can also consider introducing some homeopathic or herbal remedies:

1)  Detoxifying

2)  Removing ‘Bad’ oestrogens

3)  Stopping aromatisation

4) Natural Hormone Builders



Girl's Health Assessment

​60 mins - £40.00

During your 60 minute appointment we will assess how puberty has been affecting your life either on a daily basis or at certain times of the month around your monthly cycle.  You will receive lots of care and advice on how to manage your symptoms and will leave with an easy to understand guide which explains simple self help tools plus advice on natural homeopathic remedies which can help reduce painful cramping.

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